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Easy to use

Simply drag and drop your folders and search them easily.

Flawless Integration

Use Onion Packer along with your favorite designing software. Picking up the right texture has never been so fast!

Smart and Fast

Onion Packer has been designed to be as smartest as possible from the ground up: your textures are just a click away!

3D Preview

Onion Packer features a built-in 3D preview for your textures, so you can have a quick idea of how it will be rendered in a 3D scene.

Cross Platform

Thanks to the powerful Electron framework, Onion Packer runs smoothly on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Made with Love

We are only driven by passion, that's why we decided to make Onion Packer fully Open Source. Support us on Github!

Fast and easy to use

Your textures, in the right place, at your fingertips.
Once you drag & drop your textures onto Onion Packer, watch it do the rest!
Onion Packer automatically tags your textures based on the folder they were, then you can easily re-tag and search them.
Organize your textures by tag

The tags panel lets you create and manage your tags easily. You can assign textures to a tag.
Onion Packer clones your images in a separate directory, where each tag corresponds to a folder, so you can easily export them where you want!
3D real-time preview

Thanks to the three.js integration, Onion Packer lets you preview your textures to give you a quick idea of how they will be rendered in a 3D scene.

Michele Rullo


Andrea Cipollone


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